Thursday, 31 March 2011

Nest Finding

I agree with Liz, this year kites seem very reluctant to settle down to egg-laying. Having one nest which I can observe from the house, although the pair have been here since Jan 11, they have done everything but settle on the nest, they even roost within 10m of the nest. Checked 6 other nests, pairs at each one but not found sitting. Potentially, 4 other pairs in the area, but no clue given to where the nest is as yet. Buds are sprouting on the trees, so getting short I think.

Bryan Jones

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

I agree with the previous comments made by Liz.

Yesterday, Monday, I observed for about an hour at each of seven nests in the east of Radnorshire, I only saw three birds! Kites here appeared to be rarities, if, I did not know kites had nested in these areas last year I would not have spent time observing these locations

It did make me wonder if the nests are still active or has the harsh winter reduced numbers in this part of the principality? Only time will tell.

Moving some miles south west I did, however, have some success. I was able to locate a nest in an area where I saw birds last year but, was unable to locate the nest site. Having obtained the required permission the landowner informed me they had nested in that wood last year. A bonus for me is one of the pair is a tagged bird (not read).

Saturday, 26 March 2011

News and no news

Followers of this blog who are not kite nest monitors might be wondering why there is a deafening silence at one of the most exciting times of the kiting year!
Well, everyone is busy trying to find the current nest locations which entails a lot of travelling about in the fringe areas and a lot of patient watching in the core Ceredigion area. I found 3 new nests this morning which looked as if they were built last year so that answers some questions about the kites that went 'missing' in 2010! Unfortunately for me the kites are still spending most of the day hunting or sitting in nearby trees and thus don't yield the secret of their nest site readily.
Kites sit in the body of the tree and being slim and long they easily blend with the branches whereas crows and buzzards mostly sit on prominent points. Any kite watcher will tell you how adept they are at suddenly appearing as if from nowhere and disappearing just as quickly! If you have only seen kites at the feeding stations then it is quite a different experience to watch their behaviour from your perch on the side of a hill especially in the sunshine we have had lately.

Friday, 4 March 2011

Dead kite Feb 26th

Yes, we have found a dead kite in a field just up the lane, too decomposed to send in for analysis and without ring or tag. I suspect it is one of our local pair as I've only seen one lately. Will this mean a new nest site? You bet!

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Dead Kite

A Mr. David Evans from Forge, Machynlleth reported to me today that he had found a dead and badly decomposed kite on the hillside behind his house on Monday 28th February 2011. He has disposed of the dead bird. He said it was not fitted with a ring or tags.