Monday, 27 December 2010

Birds in A New Area

Yesterday, (Sunday, 26th December, 2010) I received good news from one of my contacts close to the PowysClwyd - Shropshire border of two birds seen regularly for over two weeks. Only very occasional sightings of single birds have been recorded here.
I wonder if these are wandering youngsters or are they first time breeding birds (adults) seeking to establish territory. It is a little early for birds to be on territory but, here is hoping.
I do hope the birds remain as the landowner is very keen to see these magnificent birds in his valley on a more permanent basis!

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Orange full stop

Coming to feed on a few scraps gleaned from our local butcher was orange full stop, 2005 chick born just over our boundary. Its so pleasing to see tagged birds turn up looking so fit and beautiful in the sunlit snow: proof of survival. Chris you logged another of 'my' chicks, orange 69, one of 2 born in a nest in the Aeron valley.
The gathering of kites at feeding stations can give the impression that there are huge numbers of kites everywhere as revealed by a comment from a wildlife friendly farmer to the effect that he doesn't like to feed the kites as they might over-breed. Haven't quite worked out what that means yet!

Friday, 24 December 2010

Festive Greetings

I wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to my fellow Kite watchers. It will not be long before the birds are back on territory!

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Gigrin Farm 17-12-10

For my fourth visit during the second winter period of the year, the weather conditions had not changed a great deal. Yes, most of the snow ice had disappeared only to be replaced by a fresh fall of three or four inches overnight. The temperature was a mere -1 but, the wind chill made it feel somewhat colder.

There were birds perched in the nearby trees but, were restless moving about from tree to tree and generally flying around. This was not conducive to reading tags. After the feed was strewn around the feeding area the spectacular began but, with only about two hundred or so kites! There must have a similar number of corvids. After feeding the kites left the area and unusually did not sit around in the trees.

Chris Powell told me a lot more kites were present the previous day, once again confirming my theory that birds anticipate the oncoming weather and feed accordingly.

I was only able to read nine (9) tags all from the principality.

The details are below:-

Black/blue: 87; H1;
Black/black: 97; A1; 07; 77;
Black/pink: N8;
Black/Green: 30; 75;

Has anyone been reading tags if so why not post the details here?

Gigrin Farm 07-12-10

I made my third visit during the second winter period of the year to Gigrin Farm; there was snow on the ground or more truthfully ice as a result of the bitter Baltic overnight temperature. When I arrived the weather a cool -4c it dropped to -5c by the end of my visit.

There were plenty of birds perched in the nearby trees surrounding the farm awaiting the arrival of the red tractor bringing the red meat to the feeding area. I was able to read several tags. When Chris Powell entered the focal point for the afternoon activities the expectant birds left their vantage points and converged on the feeding area encircling in what appeared to be a frenzy but, nothing could be further from the truth.

The usual spectacular display lasted a mere quarter of an hour whilst he spread the meat across the snowy surface. Eleven minutes later all the meat was removed by close to six hundred Red Kites plus buzzards and corvids.

The kites remained in the vicinity hopefully waiting for a second course! This provided an opportunity to read tags.

A total of twenty five (25) tags were recorded all were from the principality except one that I was unable to determine the region of origin; hopefully Tony will be able to assist here.

The details are below:-

Black/Blue: H6; 55; 86;

Black/black: 02; A; N9; 50; 53; 34; 37;

Black/yellow: A4; N;

Black/orange: 69;

Black/purple: 61; 14; A9; C;

Black/pink: F6; 29; F2;

Black/Green: ; L; 17; 73

The unidentified tag was pink in colour showing a white “r”. Initially I thought it had a white regional bar but that transpired to a white frost covered twig.

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Kite at Bethel, Gwynedd

Whilst travelling on the A.494 road between Bala and Corwen I spotted a Kite just before the village of Bethel near Sarnau Gwynedd (SH987397). I guess its still not a common bird in this part of Wales (yet!).

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Our kite!!

Chris Wells you have made my day! The kite you spotted at Gigrin on the 22nd was our kite seen here after ringing by Tony in June 2008. It was born in a deep comfy nest in one of our garden oak trees but I haven't seen it since. Today, as we put out some scraps on the snow, we were wondering if H6 might still be around.....hooray for Gigrin!