Friday, 6 December 2013

If I had a pound…..

The Tregaron Xmas Fair was another opportunity to sell kite Trust Xmas cards and 'Stuffie' (see previous post) accompanied me for a marathon 2pm to 8pm session in the refurbished Memorial Hall**  but was utterly upstaged by a toy eagle owl whose head movements and vocalisations are triggered by a movement sensor.  Uncannily these movements appear to be random and this caught the attention of young and …no I couldn't take pictures!  If I had a pound for every hoot and turn of the head I wouldn't need to sell the cards, I could give them away!  This toy owl suffered abuse from those who failed to see how it worked so it got poked, prodded, stroked and tipped ace over base….and that was just the adults present!
Fortunately, before the Duracells gave up the ghost, the Tregaron Male Voice Choir  started up with a vigorous rendition of Christmas favourites and all trooped out to see the Christmas Tree light up.
I scarpered with my many purchases of local pork sausages ( well, sort of local, seeing as the pigs came from Hungary: a curious breed of curly haired porkers called Mangalitzers) and other goodies before the children returned who wanted to take home a feather from the ever patient 'stuffie' and my owl!