Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Irish Kite Dead at Sea

Heard from Damian Clarke today that one of last year's kite chicks that was sent to Wicklow from Wales has been retrieved by a lifeboat, about 2km off the Wicklow coast! (I don't think the lifeboat was called out specially!) The bird had been recorded alive and well in the release area up until quite recently. Interesting to speculate on what might have happened but I guess we can rule out drowning whilst attempting to swim back to Wales!

Plenty of action in Llangeitho

I've been working between Llangeitho and Penuwch the last couple of days. Today I noticed a large increase in kite numbers searching the fields and gardens for food.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Tregaron kites

Orange R/orange was with Purple 59 and 8 others on fields at the Sunny Hill roost this afternoon. Adjacent field being dunged so will look again tomorrow as there will be plenty of worms.
Birds being seen in pairs all over the place and some regulars are back in their nest tree or guarding it from a nearby perch.

Friday, 5 February 2010

Talsarn in sunshine

Only a quick post really to say that as I drove past the feeding station on the way up Tychrug today, there were approximately 100-150 Kites flying in the beautiful blue sky and sunshine. I was unable to stop, s no tags noted sorry.

Monday, 1 February 2010

Pont Einon Tregaron

Orange /orange R is alive and well altho' missing several primaries from one wing. It can be found most early afternoons in the beech tree alongside the road just before the bungalow opposite the bridge coming from Tregaron direction. Flying well and hunting with several others this afternoon.
Also present were purple 55 and black H5.
At Talsarn today:red y
yellow 05; 07
green N7;F7
purple Q
black H2;
pink 08; 31;38; 45;56;

31st January, 2010 - Gigrin

I went to Gigrin yesterday, (Sunday) there was snow on the ground and a heavy snow shower. I observed the following tagged kites; they were all of Welsh origin.

Purple 52
Pink E4
Black 99
Purple 53
Black 30
Black 02
Pink 66
Purple T2
Purple T7
Black AO

Chris Wells.