Wednesday, 25 April 2012


The previous post relates to an incident on 17th April.  The good news is that the bird has since been released fit and well and the surprise attack has not been repeated...yet!


I fed the kites yesterday at Bwlch Nant yr Arian and we had a great turnout of approx 100 hungry birds. There are some canada geese nesting on a tiny island between the grass feeding area and the main viewing spit of land opposite. During the feeding frenzy, one unfortunate kite got a bit too close to the island and one of the geese flew in to the kite on purpose. The kite crashed in to the lake just in front of the spectators with the goose in hot pursuit. The goose then landed on top of the kite and tried to drown it. The kite was struggling to get to the side of the lake with the goose repeatedly attempting to push it under. The attack lasted for about a minute. 
Sarah Cookson pulled the kite out and we tried to dry it off and warm it up in the foot well of my car. After an hour it didn't improve. I took the bird down to Llanbadarn Vets and left it with them. They will contact Tony Cross at some stage - hopefully the bird can make a full recovery!
Andre Marsh