Sunday, 11 April 2010

Kite seen on the Lleyn Peninsula

I've had an e-mail from a Steve Dorling who lives in Llanaelhaern near Caernarfon who says that back in around September last year he was on the end of the Lleyn Peninsula in North Wales when he saw a kite which was flying along the ridge of the coastline and seemed to be making its way across to Bardsey Island. He was at Cim farm in Cilan when he saw it. (I'm presuming this is a wandering juvenile bird).
Steve has also seen a kite at Llanaelhaern near his home about 4 months ago (I presume he means December or January) on the edge of a 200 acre pine plantation known as 'Glasfryn'.
His most recent sighting of a kite was over Llanaber just north of Barmouth on the 5th April
(I know that there are a couple of pairs in that area of Gwynedd).

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