Friday, 26 November 2010

Gigrin Farm – 22nd November, 2010

On 22nd November, 2010, I made my first visit of the second winter period to Gigrin Farm for the purpose of reading Red Kite tags.

On arrival, I saw many birds perched waiting for Chris Powell to start the tractor and deliver the food to the feeding area.

After reading a few tags I made my way to the viewing area, as I passed the rehabilitation aviary I saw a Harris’s Hawk perched on the roof, much to the concern of a buzzard in the aviary.

Chris almost immediately drove past on the tractor and the hawk followed, it had jesses and bells attached the legs!

I later identified twenty nine tagged birds all from the principality plus one from Northumberland.

There was also an untagged leucistic bird paler than black/orange 51. Surprisingly, there was not a single first winter tagged bird present (dark blue)

The details are below:-

Black/black: 11; 37; 50; 53; 55; 77; 99; b; H6; J5

Black/yellow: A4

Black/orange: 13; 51; 3 Domino

Black/green: 75

Black/purple: 52; 74; 82; C; H1

Black/pink: 69; E3; E7; F6; F8; N6

Pink/pink: 02

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