Saturday, 19 February 2011


On Thursday, 17th February, I again went to roost site near Painscastle, and came away with an opinion that confirms my view that you not second guess nature.

Expecting to see a dozen or so birds I once counted six in the air that drifted away to the north. These were eventually replaced by three single birds as the light was fading. One of these was the Black Black L3 as sighted the previous week.

Black L3 was hatched in 2008 as the youngest of three chicks, probably a male, near Bishops Castle, Shropshire. This being some forty six kilometres from the night roost. Black L3 has been seen twice previously, both by Tony Cross, in November, 2008 at Gigrin Farm Feeding Station.

Unlike my previous visit, the birds roosted in the wood I first suspected to be the roost site, not on the other side of the valley.

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