Friday, 23 November 2012

Another leucistic kite on the loose!

After over 12 months in captivity leucistic kite Black/White J6 was finally released from Gigrin Farm early this morning having been cared for by a multitude of people. Special thanks to Chris and Colin at Gigrin Farm for housing and feeding him, to Megan Morris Jones and Fran at Cuan House Wildlife Rescue for transporting him back and forward to Much Wenlock. Thanks to falconer John Jones for getting it fit to fly and for Raptor Foundation and RSPB Investigations Department for their involvement last year. We very much hope to see a bit more of J6 at Gigrin over the next few months. Hopefully he will adjust to life in the wild and having to find his own dinner - although admittedly if he stays at Gigrin he won't have to look too far!

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