Friday, 26 March 2010

Hidden Delights Discovered

On Tuesday last (23rd March, 2010) I found a typical red kite territory in an area of Herefordshire that I have not visited for many years, the small triangular shaped oak woodland seemed ideal for red kite. This is close to the border with Brecknock.

I observed the vista for about ten minutes, from the other side of the valley, when a single adult kite appeared. I watched the bird for several minutes before it disappeared into the wood.
Eureka, I was sure I had found a nest site, either an old nest or a new site. I drove to the nearest farm to the woodland to speak with the landowner. When I told the tenant farmer the purpose of my visit he offered a wry smile that told me I was correct.

He informed me the birds had been there for several years and produced a number of young, he has not told anyone of their presence. Full access to the area was granted with a number of small conditions attached.

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