Friday, 5 March 2010

Two Youngsters Have Survived the Harsh Winter.

This afternoon I observed two tagged first winter birds (black pink) with an untagged adult quartering the fields on the north western slopes of The Begwyns (East Radnorshire). The birds were frequently landing in the fields and would take to the wing again before I could focus on the tags. Eventually, after much patience I was able to read the tag details.

Black pink E2 is a youngster from one of my nests located some five miles away whilst the other black pink 29 is from a nest not monitored by me.
I have now received information from Tony that Pink 29 is coincidentally from the same nest as Black/Black A in a wood near Craven Arms, Shropshire. I observed Black/Black A, a few days previous in Herefordshire, see below.

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