Saturday, 18 December 2010

Gigrin Farm 07-12-10

I made my third visit during the second winter period of the year to Gigrin Farm; there was snow on the ground or more truthfully ice as a result of the bitter Baltic overnight temperature. When I arrived the weather a cool -4c it dropped to -5c by the end of my visit.

There were plenty of birds perched in the nearby trees surrounding the farm awaiting the arrival of the red tractor bringing the red meat to the feeding area. I was able to read several tags. When Chris Powell entered the focal point for the afternoon activities the expectant birds left their vantage points and converged on the feeding area encircling in what appeared to be a frenzy but, nothing could be further from the truth.

The usual spectacular display lasted a mere quarter of an hour whilst he spread the meat across the snowy surface. Eleven minutes later all the meat was removed by close to six hundred Red Kites plus buzzards and corvids.

The kites remained in the vicinity hopefully waiting for a second course! This provided an opportunity to read tags.

A total of twenty five (25) tags were recorded all were from the principality except one that I was unable to determine the region of origin; hopefully Tony will be able to assist here.

The details are below:-

Black/Blue: H6; 55; 86;

Black/black: 02; A; N9; 50; 53; 34; 37;

Black/yellow: A4; N;

Black/orange: 69;

Black/purple: 61; 14; A9; C;

Black/pink: F6; 29; F2;

Black/Green: ; L; 17; 73

The unidentified tag was pink in colour showing a white “r”. Initially I thought it had a white regional bar but that transpired to a white frost covered twig.

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