Saturday, 18 December 2010

Gigrin Farm 17-12-10

For my fourth visit during the second winter period of the year, the weather conditions had not changed a great deal. Yes, most of the snow ice had disappeared only to be replaced by a fresh fall of three or four inches overnight. The temperature was a mere -1 but, the wind chill made it feel somewhat colder.

There were birds perched in the nearby trees but, were restless moving about from tree to tree and generally flying around. This was not conducive to reading tags. After the feed was strewn around the feeding area the spectacular began but, with only about two hundred or so kites! There must have a similar number of corvids. After feeding the kites left the area and unusually did not sit around in the trees.

Chris Powell told me a lot more kites were present the previous day, once again confirming my theory that birds anticipate the oncoming weather and feed accordingly.

I was only able to read nine (9) tags all from the principality.

The details are below:-

Black/blue: 87; H1;
Black/black: 97; A1; 07; 77;
Black/pink: N8;
Black/Green: 30; 75;

Has anyone been reading tags if so why not post the details here?

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