Monday, 10 May 2010

Kites in the 'Ancient Capital'!

There were two kites hunting over Machynlleth today probably not an uncommon sight when Owain Glyndwr convened his historic parliament here in 1404! (hence Machynlleth's title as the principality's ancient capital). A local resident told me that he had witnessed a kite coming down to take a piece of bread which had been thrown on a garage roof! Perhaps due to the apparent lack of food at a local feeding station they are turning to a diet of bread! I took two guests to the Nant-yr-Arian Forest Centre on Saturday and the kites were duly fed at (just after) 3pm. The 75 plus kites gave an impressive display but it was all over by 3.10pm. Again following a second visit by myself and guests in the past month I saw 5 or 6 kites on the ground looking for food I have not seen this behaviour to such a degree on many previous visits to the centre over a number of years. Basically in my view 'the birds are hungry'. I hope the RSPB and Forestry Commission aren't going to turn the situation into a circus and just using the kites to their own ends. At least Ceredig had the welfare of the birds in mind. My chief concern also is for the 'welfare' of the kites. Surely some of these birds do become dependent on this source of food. So I think the RSPB/Forestry Commission should feed these birds a sufficient quantity of meat or don't feed them at all. I think this issue needs to be addressed by the W.K.T.
I wish to make it quite clear that the above observations are not just my own I have heard comments made by members of the public about the matter.

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