Friday, 28 May 2010

Tagged Breeding Kite - Machynlleth area

I was checking one of my new kite nests in the Machynlleth area yesterday and the female bird was sitting (still incubating I think). The male was perched on the same tree calling (whistling) and keeping a watchful eye on me although I was trying to be discreet! Cant fault these birds for their excellent eyesight! Anyway through my scope in the shimmering heat haze I was able to read his wing tag as black/white 't'. Over to you Tony!

Tony Cross came back to me on this. Apparently this tagged bird black/white 't' was ringed as a chick in a nest at 'Y Fan' near Llanidloes on 19th June 2002. It was a regular visitor at a kite feeding station near Talsarn during 2003, 2004 and 2005 following which it presumably decided to set up home further north. I checked this nest on the 27th May and the female was sitting tight and the male was nearby but today there was no sign of either bird and the nest appeared empty. I was so disappointed as I had high hopes for this pair. That's whats its like monitoring kite nests you think everything is going well and then you get kicked in the guts! I also checked another nest I had discovered this year and that had failed too. A double whammy! I think what might be significant in these two cases is the proximity of corvids in the vicinity of these breeding sites particularly ravens. Have any other nest-watchers had failures when ravens breed in the vicinity? I mentioned this to one of the landowners and she wanted them all shot! Obviously there is no way I would condone that course of action. I adore the raven as much as I do the kite they are as much part of the Welsh fauna as I am!

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