Saturday, 9 January 2010

Kites Galore at Gigrin Farm

Dropped in to Gigrin Farm again yesterday to try to photograph the Black Kite that Dee Doody found earlier in the week. There are amazing numbers of Red Kites present at the moment due to the bad weather, hard to know just how many but certainly over 400 and probably nearer 500.

The Black Kite performed perfectly too as can be seen from the selection of images below.


  1. I went to Gigrin yesterday (Sat 10 Jan) it was very cold and never went above -1c. There were circa 450 Red Kite plus the infamous Black Kite. I was able to read thirty one (31) wing tags. This was worthwhile as I observed several birds that had not been seen since they were tagged at the nest. The cuppa soup was most welcome!

  2. Cracking photos! I am going Saturday 16th Jan to see if I can see the black Kite.

  3. Wonderful, wonderful photos. I've been there twice now, and can't wait to go again.