Monday, 18 January 2010

Tagged kites at Gigrin

The following tagged kites were at Gigrin yesterday (17/1/10)
Black/Purple 52, Black/Pink F6, Black/Black 34, Black/Black 98, Black/Yellow A4.
There was also a raven there with a colour ring on the the right tarsi. I think the ring was a pale green colour it was quite difficult to read the alpha/numeric symbols but it may have been 'OA' or 'QA'? Tony - over to you!
The still present black kite had obviously attracted 'birders' from all over Wales and the hides were pretty well packed by 1pm! Estimated no's of kites were 300-400. Couple of herons came down for food to.

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  1. I along with Chris Bird visited Gigrin yesterday (17/01/10), and the end hide away from the farm was very much full up. However, no one in that hide knew that the black kite was there. We had a fantastic afternoon.
    Whilst there I noted the fllowing tags; Black/Black 3; Black/Orange 51; Black/Pink 44 and Black/Pink PO.